What’s weird?!

Do you know what’s weird? Even kids younger than you is much more sweeter in their relationship…. Great! Just……. GREAT!!! T.T

30 day Self-harm challenge

Day 25 - Do you know any statistic about self harm?: uhm… I don’t have any.. xS

Day 26 - What is something that makes you the most happy?: Is to be around with my love ones. Before, I was happy when I drink & have a good time with peoples I’m with or even alone. 

Day 27 - Discuss any and all progress you have made.: I became more open & I tell people (I trust) how i feel or what I am facing & they are helping me out with all my struggles. I try to be more positive, act positive & think positive as possible as possible :) I even try to smile more even I am just smiling at myself or for no reason to xP 

Day 28 - What short term goal do you have?: My goal is 2014 I won’t have to go back to this kind of thing again (can’t promise but willing to try) 

Day 29 - Do you follow any self harm blog?: I think I do… But I could say yes I do…

Advice I would give

Like I promised I did said I will go back to this question. So here it is. It won’t be long though.

"Find a heart to really say "your gonna end it". It might not be easy but it will take up the whole courage to do so & say so. Open your heart, find someone the people you trust. Don’t be scared though, but you gotta think twice before opening our mouth to anyone (trust me I’ve done that). Yo can talk to your parents, friends or even your love ones, don’t throw them away because you’ll never know if one of them or all of them will be the answer to help you. I know how it feels to be ashamed of this, you don’t really need to talk about this but other stuff to. You guys could do activities that will be positive for you :) But mostly, think about your future.. Like what my boyfriend said ‘Would you like your children to see what your doing & if possible they’ll follow your step in which will look bad & it may destroy yours & their life?’ It takes time to open your eyes & everything. If you need anyone to talk with just voice out :) There are still good heart people out there! Don’t loose hope & faith." 

30 day Self-harm challenge

Note: Uhmm… Ok now I can finally say I am taking the step of “ending my self-harm issue”. I haven’t promise to a lot of people like I used to before but I did promise to my boyfriend :) Ok, Carry on ;D Oh by the way, I promised on the 19th Dec, 2013 (Wish me luck) P.s, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Day 17 - Do you know anyone else who injures themselves?: I do know but they eventually stop first than me… 

Day 18 - Write a letter to the future (recovered) of you.: Finally, you made it! Be proud of yourself & never look & go back :) Stay strong, happy & positive. Your never alone <3

Day 19 - List 5 reasons that recovery is worth it: It’s for the good of the future, it’s for your own good, people surround you will be much happier, you’ll actually see a bit brighter view in your life & you’ll feel a lot more stronger :)

Day 20 - What is the most vivid memory you have of self harm?: I don’t remember…..

Day 21 - Have you tried to stop in the past? What are you doing differently this time?: Yes, I have. The things that I do differently now is I am actually welcoming people in my life, I open myself up to the people I trust (well mostly to my boyfriend), & I explain everything on how I feel or what i am dealing with… Oh, & I ask for help :)

Day 22 - Where do you feel the most calm?: At the company of my boyfriend :) Where ever we go I am at my calmest points even if I DID get mad or frustrated at least not too much like i always feel alone at home.  

Day 23 - What is your favorite inspiration quote?: “Do something that your future self will thank for!”

Day 24 - What are some of your main triggers? Why?: A lot I can… Why?… I don’t know. Hay~

Just felt like sharing my mini haul in “Cotton on” :) enjoy!

Need help?

If you need someone to talk with I am here to listen to you all’s problem.. Anything troubling you bugging you I can help you out or listen & be there for you :) Don’t be shy I won’t bite x) I just don’t want any of you feeling lonely & all the negative emotions! Just hit me up :))

30 day Self-harm challenge

Day 12 - Where do you keep your ‘tools’? (Your room, in the box, disposed of them?): Before in high school I used to keep them in my secret bag pocket that I made.. But now I keep them somewhere in the box but I don’t use it cause I don’t bring it along with me to avoid…

Day 13 - What is the biggest realization about self harm you’ve had?: My future… Like will these ruined me more in the future with my relation with everyone I love. & if ever, my future children I don’t want them to do the same or go through this kinds of things!

Day 14 - Is there anyone you consider to be an inspiration in your recovery?: I am not yet in the stage of recovery but trying.. But I can say I recently found her in Youtube. & she is Morgan Joyce ” ilymorgannn “. Go watch her or check her out she is AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL <3

Day 15 - Do you visit any website about self harm? If so, what are they?: To be honest, I never did… 

Day 16 - What advice would you give to someone about self harm?: Well, like I say… I am still trying to get to the stage of ending this whole things.. But once I’m good, i’ll get ask to this question I PROMISE!

30 day Self-harm challenge

Day 9 - Have you ever taken pictures of your wounds? Discuss.: Yes, i have… I don’t know why though. I just have a feeling a need it one day. Maybe if once & for all I stop self-harming myself, I would delete or throw the picture away & tell myself “I MADE IT!”

Day 10 - How do feel about your scars?: At some point I don’t feel good about or like wise I am ashamed of it. But what’s done is done & each cuts has a meaning behind it.. 

Day 11 - Strangest place (school, park, etc) you’ve injured yourself?: I have done it at school toilet, park (& by that I broke bottle glass if i got no sharp object with me), public toilet & I don’t remember much but I think that’s most of it.

Beauty tips?

Hey guys! Just wanna share out some amazing beauty tips & tricks, & the things I do. Some of you may know this, some of you don’t. So for those who don’t know, maybe these would help :) 

1.) If you don’t have a lip scrub or you can’t make one. Use your toothbrush to exfoliate your dead lip skins than afterward put on your trusty moisturizing lip balm or Vaseline, so that your lips won’t feel too tight. You can also brush your teeth first than brush your lips next.

2.) Vaseline don’t just work for lips, it can also help to make your eye lashes thicker or voluminous your eye lashes. Do this at least once a day!

3.) When you get acne or pimples, DON’T POP IT! I know a lot of you know this & heard of this. But seriously, just DON’T! What you can do is, put any acne cream on or use a acne wash face to prevent it from having it a long period of time. My all time trusty acne helpers are: For acne cream -  OXY 5 (Regular), & for acne face wash - Acnes :)

Well, i guess that’s all I can share for you for now! Thanks a lot for reading this :) Hope this helps you ^__^ Have a wonderful day to you all!

30 day Self-harm challenge

Day 8 - What’s the most supportive thing anyone has said to you about self-harm?: To be honest I don’t really know or remember (sorry about that) but I do know only what people do to me, is by them staying with me even how stupid I can get or say…

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